RHR131 - The Return Of Koerner, Ray, & Glover - Koerner/Ray/Glover

The Return Of Koerner, Ray, & Glover

"The instrumental work on here is just plain awesome...and really puts up a case for them being reclassified from upstart revivalists onto American roots music greats." - Folk Roots (U.K.)

"Nobody has topped them for feel or drive or humor or sheer affection for their folk-blues forebears like Leadbelly and Memphis Minnie." - Rolling Stone Rolling Stone

Considered the seminal (and most infamous) blues trio of the folk/blues revival in the '60s, KR&G forever influenced how urban white musicians approached and performed blues. Their rabid fans included John Lennon and The Doors. This gloriously rowdy disc includes some of KR&G's truly legendary and most popular tracks: "The Boys Was Shootin' It Out Last Night" (a Koerner "true story" original), Dave Ray's awesome reading of "Packin' Trunk," and the ultra-cool Tony Glover track "Don't Let Your Right Hand Know (What your Left Hand Do)."

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Track Listing

 01 - I Want To See My Baby - Koerner Ray & Glover

 02 - Titanic - Koerner Ray & Glover

 03 - You've Got To Be Careful - Koerner Ray & Glover

 04 - Looky, Looky Yonder - Koerner Ray & Glover

 05 - Statesboro Blues - Koerner Ray & Glover

 06 - Eugene C. - Koerner Ray & Glover

 07 - Goin' To the Country - Koerner Ray & Glover

 08 - The Boys Was Shootin' It Out Last Night - Koerner Ray & Glover

 09 - Poor Howard - Koerner Ray & Glover

 10 - I Don't Want To Be Terrified - Koerner Ray & Glover

 11 - Don't Let Your Right Hand Know What You're Left HandDo - Koerner Ray & Glover

 12 - Lonesome Road - Koerner Ray & Glover

 13 - England Blues - Koerner Ray & Glover

 14 - Packin' Trunk - Koerner Ray & Glover

 15 - John Hardy - Koerner Ray & Glover