RHR136 - Songs From An Unmarried Housewife - Suzzy Roche

Songs From An Unmarried Housewife

"For all the female artists she has influenced, Suzzy Roche should be pulling down Madonna-like dollars...after all these years and albums, Roche is still as fresh and relevant as any of them - and more so than most." - Buzz Weekly

"Pure poetry....(Roche) has a knack for creating amazing turns of melody. - Newsday

Songs From an Unmarried Houswife and Mother, Greenwich Village, USA, Suzzy Roche delivers more of the graciously poetic lyrics and subtle melodic turns that made her first solo album, Holy Smokes, such a delight. Produced by Stewart Lerman, and boasting guest appearances by Loudon Wainwright, Jules Shear and sister Maggie Roche, Songs... serves up a heavenly slice of vocal interplaythick with the quirky imagery and mental slants that so endeared the Roches' music to fans worldwide.

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Track Listing

 01 - Yankee Doodle (Thanks to Helen Carter) - Suzzy Roche

 02 - Looking For God - Suzzy Roche

 03 - G Chord Song - Suzzy Roche

 04 - Out of the Blue - Suzzy Roche

 05 - No Such Thing As Love - Suzzy Roche

 06 - Cold Hard Wind - Suzzy Roche

 07 - To Alaska With Love - Suzzy Roche

 08 - Love Comes to Town - Suzzy Roche

 09 - Goodbye Cruel World - Suzzy Roche

 10 - Suit and Tie - Suzzy Roche

 11 - Born Yesterday - Suzzy Roche

 12 - Sweetie Pie - Suzzy Roche