RHR139 - October's Hill - Bill Staines

October's Hill

"Bill Staines is a populist painter in song. His pigments are nothing more than ordinary human beings; his canvas is nothing less than the world." - The Columbus Dispatch

October's Hill, looks back on thirty-plus years of making music, yet also looks brightly toward tomorrow's horizon. This, his twenty-second album, delivers in all respects: probing, thoughtful songwriting; lovely and remarkably catchy melodies destined to remain in your head; and interpretations of some his personal favorites with warmth and wit throughout. Staines knows the secrets of great songs and can always get the rustiest voice singing along. Here he gathers new and old into yet another delightful album.

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Track Listing

 01 - Dear Friend - Bill Staines

 02 - On the Road Again - Bill Staines

 03 - Some Distant Hill - Bill Staines

 04 - The Games People Play - Bill Staines

 05 - Virginia's Reel - Bill Staines

 06 - Love's Been Good to Me - Bill Staines

 07 - Ghost Towns - Bill Staines

 08 - Old City Jail - Bill Staines

 09 - Gold Watch and Chain - Bill Staines

 10 - When I Hear the Music Play - Bill Staines

 11 - An Afternoon At Cohan's - Bill Staines

 12 - All Things Bright And Beautiful - Bill Staines