RHR140 - Sacred Heart - Peter Ostroushko

Sacred Heart

"Ostroushko's often gorgeous melodies are mostly reflective, sometimes bittersweet and, like Ansel Adams' photographs, capture the essence of a place along with its physical features." - Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Can this guy play, or what? His melodies, mostly paeans to some verier America than you or I can see, are gorgeous and wonderfully rendered." - Stereophile<

With Sacred Heart, fiddler and mandolinist Peter Ostroushko has forged an extraordinary conclusion to his Heartland Trilogy. An instrumental collection of elegant, transfixing compositions that blend folk, jazz and classical elements into an evocative portrait of our American landscape, Sacred Heart will no doubt cement Ostroushko's place at the forefront of the 21st century acoustic music scene, both as a composer and as a performer.

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Track Listing

 01 - Boston (Sam Bartlett's Reel) - Peter Ostroushko

 02 - Sacred Heart (Parts 1 & 2) - Peter Ostroushko

 03 - Puckett's Farewell - Peter Ostroushko

 04 - Lafayette - Peter Ostroushko

 05 - Even the Ravens Mourn Over You - Peter Ostroushko

 06 - Three Crows - Peter Ostroushko

 07 - Tatiana's Lament - Peter Ostroushko

 08 - Sloboda - Peter Ostroushko

 09 - Medicine Bow - Peter Ostroushko

 10 - Madison - Peter Ostroushko