RHR146 - Hard Times In Babylon - Eliza Gilkyson

Hard Times In Babylon

"A glorious voice..." - Sing Out

"Eliza Gilkyson writes songs for the soul." - Pulse!

Hard Times in Babylon is Eliza Gilkyson's Red House debut! The collection of songs, which she describes as "a diary of a season of love and loss," is stripped down and presented with a hard-earned confidence. Opening with "Beauty Way," a semi-autobiographical homage to the plight of being a guitar slinger by trade, which as she says "is a little about me, a little about my brother (guitarist Tony Gilkyson of 'X' and 'Lone Justice' notoriety) and a whole lot about most guitar players trying to keep the balance between making a living and keeping their creative fires burning." The title track, "Hard Times in Babylon," (written after the suicide of a close friend) sets the tone for the rest of the recording.

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Track Listing

 01 - Beauty Way - Eliza Gilkyson

 02 - Hard Times In Babylon - Eliza Gilkyson

 03 - Highway - Eliza Gilkyson

 04 - Coast - Eliza Gilkyson

 05 - Engineer Bill - Eliza Gilkyson

 06 - Persephone - Eliza Gilkyson

 07 - Baby's Waking - Eliza Gilkyson

 08 - Twisted - Eliza Gilkyson

 09 - Flatline - Eliza Gilkyson

 10 - In My Dreams - Eliza Gilkyson

 11 - Walk Away From Love - Eliza Gilkyson

 12 - Sanctuary - Eliza Gilkyson