RHR156 - Every Single Day - Lucy Kaplansky

Every Single Day

"Lucy Kaplansky just keeps getting better and better." - Richmond Times-Dispatch

"While Kaplansky sings about the promises and pitfalls of life and love, she does it with the unflinching intelligence and maturity of someone who's observing the human race with x-ray vision and a knowing grin." - Richmond Times-Dispatch

On Every Single Day, songwriter Lucy Kaplansky turns her reflective eye on the many facets of being: love and longing, guilt and sorrow, promises and lies, hope and redemption. Fusing alternative country, rock, folk and pop into her own style.

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Track Listing

 01 - Written On The Back Of His Hand - Lucy Kaplansky

 02 - Crazy Dreams - Lucy Kaplansky

 03 - Every Single Day - Lucy Kaplansky

 04 - Don't Mind Me - Lucy Kaplansky

 05 - Broken Things - Lucy Kaplansky

 06 - Guilty As Sin - Lucy Kaplansky

 07 - Nowhere - Lucy Kaplansky

 08 - No More Excuses - Lucy Kaplansky

 09 - Song For Molly - Lucy Kaplansky

 10 - You're Still Standing There - Lucy Kaplansky

 11 - The Angels Rejoiced Last Night - Lucy Kaplansky