RHR162 - Lost And Found - Eliza Gilkyson

Lost And Found

"Intimate, delicate-voiced and given to musical introspection...her honest voice and understated, life affirming lyrics remain the core of her songs." - People Magazine

"Gilkyson's voice has an instant intimacy that curls and bends notes wonderfully." - Chicago Daily Herald

Lost and Found is aptly named ­ marking a time in Eliza's musical career in which she has a newfound direction, confidence and purpose. This sound highlights her smart soulful lyrics and that unmistakably penetrating voice -- a voice that sounds like it's been sanded and softened by the winds of the New Mexican desert Eliza called home for many years.

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Track Listing

 01 - Welcome Back - Eliza Gilkyson

 02 - Mama's Got a Boyfriend - Eliza Gilkyson

 03 - Fall Into The Night - Eliza Gilkyson

 04 - Heart Of A Man - Eliza Gilkyson

 05 - Easy Rider - Eliza Gilkyson

 06 - Richmond Boy - Eliza Gilkyson

 07 - Angel & Delilah - Eliza Gilkyson

 08 - Aphrodite's Face - Eliza Gilkyson

 09 - He'll Miss This Train - Eliza Gilkyson

 10 - Riverside - Eliza Gilkyson