RHR176 - Journey Home - Bill Staines

Journey Home

"Bill Staines is one of our very best folk and country singer/songwriters. He's a New Englander who dreams of open plains and vast, Western skies, and damn his soul, he writes better cowboy songs than anybody in the Southwest." - The Houston Post

"Bill Staines has been my hero since 1977." - Nanci Griffith

Journey Home is a vibrant mix of original new songs with traditional and Folk Revival classics. Throughout his musical life Staines has lived in only a few places, but on Journey Home (his twenty-fourth recording), Bill has assembled a collection of songs that, in a way, take him back to other homes he has found in his rich career.

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Track Listing

 01 - Rompin' Rovin' Days - Bill Staines

 02 - Stewball - Bill Staines

 03 - Journey Home - Bill Staines

 04 - Hobo's Lullaby - Bill Staines

 05 - Bound For The Promised Land - Bill Staines

 06 - A Rancher Turns 80-The Years - Bill Staines

 07 - The Piney Wood Hills - Bill Staines

 08 - Love Was Easy - Bill Staines

 09 - The Philosopher's Song - Bill Staines

 10 - Tell Ol' Bill - Bill Staines

 11 - Prairie In The Sky - Bill Staines

 12 - Pretty Saro - Bill Staines

 13 - How Can I Keep From Singing - Bill Staines