RHR190 - The Tide [Remastered, New Tracks] - Lucy Kaplansky

The Tide [Remastered, New Tracks]

"Kaplansky has a strong voice and a mesmerizing command of the stage." - The Chicago Tribune

"Clearly among the largest talents on the acoustic scene today." - Associated Press

This Lucy Kaplansky recording debut was Americana Radio's first "Hot Pick." This stunning new version has been completely remastered and includes two unreleased tracks not heard on the original: an alt-country retake of Lennon and McCartney's "I've Just Seen a Face" and Jesse Winchester's classic "Everybody Knows But Me." Along with knock-out reinterpretations of songs by writers like Richard Thompson, Sting, Tom Russell, Bill Morrisey and Cliff Eberhardt, "The Tide" is the first showcase of her own wonderful songwriting as manifested by the three strong tracks: "The Tide," "Somebody's Home" and "You Just Need a Home." Today Lucy Kaplansky is one of acoustic music's brightest and most revered stars, but this recording is where it all began!

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Track Listing

 01 - The Tide - Lucy Kaplansky

 02 - When I Get to the Border - Lucy Kaplansky

 03 - Texas Blues - Lucy Kaplansky

 04 - The Heart - Lucy Kaplansky

 05 - My Name Joe - Lucy Kaplansky

 06 - Somebody's Home - Lucy Kaplansky

 07 - Guinevere - Lucy Kaplansky

 08 - Delivery Truck - Lucy Kaplansky

 09 - You Just Need a Home - Lucy Kaplansky

 10 - The Eyes of My Beholder - Lucy Kaplansky

 11 - Secret Journey - Lucy Kaplansky

 12 - Goodnight - Lucy Kaplansky

 13 - Everybody Knows But Me - Lucy Kaplansky

 14 - I've Just Seen A Face - Lucy Kaplansky