RHR198 - The Evening Call - Greg Brown

The Evening Call

"one of the truly great musicians of our time. His quirky profound soungs and rootsy musicianship make him the peer of Lucinda Williams, U2, Johnny Cash...Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan." - Utne

"a voice so deep, rutted and dark it seems as if it's slithered up out of some primordial ooze." - New York Times

The Evening Call is pure Americanaraw and rich with poetry. Brown's deep, swampy voice delivers songs of sorrow and joy, born of cross-country drives and soul-searching fishing trips. With co-producer and long-time sideman Bo Ramsey, he evokes a colorful cast of wandering spirits that love and fight, leave and are called back home again.

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Track Listing

 01 - Joy Tears - Greg Brown

 02 - Evening Call - Greg Brown

 03 - Cold & Dark & Wet - Greg Brown

 04 - Bucket - Greg Brown

 05 - Mighty Sweet Watermelon - Greg Brown

 06 - Treat Each Other Right - Greg Brown

 07 - Eugene - Greg Brown

 08 - Coneville Slough - Greg Brown

 09 - Kokomo - Greg Brown

 10 - Pound It On Down - Greg Brown

 11 - Skinny Days - Greg Brown

 12 - Whippoorwill - Greg Brown