RHR199 - The High Above And The Down Below - Cliff Eberhardt

The High Above And The Down Below

"Eberhardt is better than ever, Steve McQueening his way into your heart at about ninety-eight miles an hour, kicking ass with fresh insight and new ways to lament old yearnings." - Philly Rock Guide

"In another age, Mr. Eberhardt would have found his niche on Tin Pan Alley or writing for Broadway shows. His songs display the highest level of craftsmanship, his guitar playing is superb and his singing deeply emotional." - The Washington Times

The High Above and the Down Below, the quintessential album from soulful songwriter Cliff Eberhardt. He delivers 12 new original songs backed by a tight jazz combo that allows his powerful voice and strong guitar playing to shine in a way that they never have before. Showcasing his heavy jazz and pop influences, Cliff reinvents himself on this new collection destined to become a classic.

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Track Listing

   01 - The High Above And The Down Below - Cliff Eberhardt

   02 - Missing You - Cliff Eberhardt

   03 - It's Home Everywhere I Go - Cliff Eberhardt

   04 - The Next Big Thing - Cliff Eberhardt

   05 - The Right Words - Cliff Eberhardt

   06 - After The Rain Falls - Cliff Eberhardt

   07 - Assembly Line - Cliff Eberhardt

   08 - Dug Your Own Grave - Cliff Eberhardt

   09 - Let This Whole Thing Burn - Cliff Eberhardt

   10 - New Is What's Come Over You - Cliff Eberhardt

   11 - I'm All Right - Cliff Eberhardt

   12 - Goodbye Again - Cliff Eberhardt