RHR218 - Dream City - Essential Recordings Vol 2 1997-2006 - Greg Brown

Dream City - Essential Recordings Vol 2 1997-2006

"Brown is to this country what Richard Thompson is to Britain: its most essential modern troubadour." - Boston Globe

"There are not many problems that a Greg Brown song can't fix." - Jack Johnson

Greg Brown was born in the Hacklebarney section of southeastern Iowa and raised by a family that made words and music a way of life. His seasoned songwriting, storytelling, and music reflect the profound influence Gospel and hymns, classical, early rock and roll, country, and blues had on his music. He moves audiences with warmth, humor, a thundering voice and his unpretentious musical vision.

At 18, Greg began his life as a traveling musician heading East to New York where he landed a job running hootenannies at Gerdes Folk City in Greenwich Village. Eventually journeying West to Portland, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A few years later he returned to Iowa where he recorded a couple of albums on his own (44 & 66 and The Iowa Waltz), touring the country and working on the renowned national radio show A Prairie Home Companion. In 1983, Greg teamed up with Bob Feldman to re-release these two albums under the name Red House Records -- the beginning of the now legendary folk/roots label that has released nearly all of Greg's 27 albums.

Since the release of The Iowa Waltz and 44 & 66, Greg has created a legendary catalog of modern American folk classics. From early releases In the Dark With You (1985), Innocence and of Experience (1986) to One Big Town (1989) and Dream Cafe (1992) Greg continually earned critical success, solidifying his status as a folk icon. Each subsequent album from the Grammy nominated Friend of Mine (with Bill Morrissey), The Poet Game to fan favorite The Live One and 1997's stunning Grammy nominated Slant 6 Mind showcased the genius of his songwriting.

The new century brought 8 more albums from Greg including Over and Under (Trailer Records), Covenant (2000), Milk of the Moon (2002), If I Had Known: Essential Recordings Vol. 1, 1980-1996 (2003) and Going Driftless: An Artist's Tribute to Greg Brown (2002) which featured performances by Lucinda Williams, Ani DiFranco and many top female songwriters. Following the release of the first volume of essential recordings was Honey from the Lion's Head (Trailer Records, 2003) and 2004's In the Hills of California: Live from the Kate Wolf Festival 1997-2003.

In 2006, Greg released The Evening Call, his first new studio album in over four years, which charted high on Americana and folk radio, earned him five stars in Mojo and garnered rave reviews in No Depression, Acoustic Guitar and The Washington Post. Greg's new collection Dream City: Essential Recordings Vol 2, 1997-2006 features some of these new Americana classics along with other fan favorites from his last six studio albums, some previously unreleased material and live tracks.

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Track Listing

 01 - Dream City - Greg Brown

 02 - Rexroth's Daughter - Greg Brown

 03 - Evening Call - Greg Brown

 04 - Vivid - Greg Brown

 05 - Whatever It Was - Greg Brown

 06 - Your Town Now - Greg Brown

 07 - Lull It By - Greg Brown

 08 - Joy Tears - Greg Brown

 09 - Samson - Greg Brown

 10 - Summer Evening - Greg Brown

 11 - Blue Car - Greg Brown

 12 - Living In a Prayer - Greg Brown

 13 - Mattie Price - Greg Brown

 14 - Kokomo - Greg Brown

 15 - Never So Far - Greg Brown

 16 - Why Don't You Just Go Home - Greg Brown

 17 - Lull It By (unreleased alternate version) - Greg Brown

 18 - Verona Road (unreleased studio track) - Greg Brown

 19 - Gallery (unreleased studio track) - Greg Brown

 20 - Christmas Song (unreleased track recorded live at Swallow Hill Music, Denver, CO) - Greg Brown