RHR230 - The Garden - Ruth Moody

The Garden

"delicious and refreshing" - All Music

"as musically enticing as a ripe, red pomegranate" - Vintage Guitar

Ruth Moody's smashing US solo debut The Garden (Red House Records) is a vibrant and superb collection of pop-folk tunes. As one of the founding members of the folk supergroup The Wailin' Jennys, she proves herself a strong solo artist with these 12 breathtaking original songs. Her captivatingly sweet voice carries the refreshing melodies and as a multi-instrumentalist each track features a tasteful array of sound that pushes the boundaries of traditional acoustic music. Ruth Moody is a high-caliber songwriter and musician with major star talent and with The Garden, puts forth the kind of album top-40 pop stars wish they had written.

For The Garden, Ruth assembled an amazing group of studio musicians to bring her unforgettable pop melodies to life. Each song is perfectly arranged growing on you with each listen. Fellow 'Jennys' bandmate Heather Masse guests on "We Could Pretend," and "Closer Now" along with Nicky Mehta, each lending their knock out harmonies while Jeremy Penner (the Jennys amazingly talented fiddle player) steps in on "Nest." The sweet duet "We Can Only Listen" was co-written by Matt Peters while the undeniably catchy "Travellin' Shoes" has a quality that you might find in songwriters like Ryan Adams or Norah Jones, but is distinctly Ruth Moody. Her rich vocals, melodic genius and subtle groove are a perfect melding of Americana and eloquent folk.

Based around the idea that "gardens are symbols of life and its cycles: birth, growth, harvest, death" The Garden is a stunning album from start to finish. The songs resonate with an honesty that awakens us all to make our little corner of the world as beautiful as it can be.

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Track Listing

   01 - The Garden - Ruth Moody

   02 - Cold Outside - Ruth Moody

   03 - Travellin' Shoes - Ruth Moody

   04 - We Can Only Listen - Ruth Moody

   05 - Within' Without You - Ruth Moody

   06 - Never Said Goodbye - Ruth Moody

   07 - Winter Waltz - Ruth Moody

   08 - Nest - Ruth Moody

   09 - We Could Pretend - Ruth Moody

   10 - Tell Me - Ruth Moody

   11 - Valentine - Ruth Moody

   12 - Closer Now - Ruth Moody