RHR231 - When The Last Morning Glory Blooms - Peter Ostroushko

When The Last Morning Glory Blooms

"quiet elegance and an undeniable timelessness" - All Music

"Ostroushko makes powerful music from the depths of the American soul." - Vintage Guitar

Peter Ostroushko's gorgeous release When the Last Morning Glory Blooms (Red House Records) is an instrumental masterpiece spanning Americana, Old World, contemporary and traditional sounds. The EMMY Award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist is a master at evoking landscape, history and mood in his original compositions and arrangements. With ....Morning Glory, Peter takes us on a journey through the wide-open prairies of the Dakotas, to Tyler, TX and into the intimate bistros of Europe. Powerful in its rich subtlety and Peter's unparalleled genius, When the Last Morning Glory Blooms stirs the soul without a single word.

Featuring an array of world-class musicians and performances from old music pals Norman & Nancy Blake and fiddler Johnny Gimble (of Bob Wills' legendary Texas Playboys), this is one of Peter's finest releases. The 10 tracks explore the sophistication and mystery of the waltz, an art form that has influenced Peter since he first heard Norman Blake's "The Nine Year's Waltz" which is featured on this record. From the playful dance of "The B and B Waltz" and "Waltz for Sedra" to the touching title track "When the Last Morning Glory Blooms" this album is a timeless collection that is as inspiring as it is reflective. Proving Peter as one of the great modern composers.

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Track Listing

   01 - Maycomb, Alabama 1936 - Peter Ostroushko

   02 - When the Last Morning Glory Blooms - Peter Ostroushko

   03 - The B and B Waltz - Peter Ostroushko

   04 - Napoleon Crossing the Alps - Peter Ostroushko

   05 - The Nine Years Waltz - Peter Ostroushko

   06 - Down Where the River Bends - Peter Ostroushko

   07 - Marjorie's Waltz #4 - Peter Ostroushko

   08 - The A and A Waltz - Peter Ostroushko

   09 - Waltz for Sedra - Peter Ostroushko

   10 - Memories of Tyler, Texas - Peter Ostroushko