RHR262 - Beneath Some Lucky Star - Bill Staines

Beneath Some Lucky Star

"Staines is one of the best songwriters in folk music today." - Associated Press

"Bill Staines has been my hero since 1977. He carries on where Woody left off--carrying on the tradition of stories and characters you wish you knew." - Nanci Griffith

Few folk singers have covered as many miles as Bill Staines and on Beneath Some Lucky Star he pays tribute to his life in music and those he has met along the way in his more than 45 years on the road. The record is full of Staines' signature sing-along melodies and tunes heavily inspired by the Atlantic seaside where he grew up with original ballads of epic journeys ("Salt Air," "Lord Franklin," "Lightship") and everyday story songs of love and loss ("The Road to Rustico," "The French Girl," "Ceremony").

A folk legend like Bill Staines is rare these days, but fans will agree that we are the lucky ones to have the true troubadours like Bill Staines out there singing songs that move and inspire us.

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Track Listing

   01 - Salt Air - Bill Staines

   02 - Shady Grove - Bill Staines

   03 - The Road to Rustico - Bill Staines

   04 - If I Came To Need An Angel - Bill Staines

   05 - Lightship - Bill Staines

   06 - The French Girl - Bill Staines

   07 - Ceremony - Bill Staines

   08 - Lord Franklin (Lady Franklin's Lament) - Bill Staines

   09 - Symphony of Gold - Bill Staines

   10 - Along the Road - Bill Staines

   11 - Above the Silver Sea - Bill Staines

   12 - A Christmas Lullaby - Bill Staines