RHR267 - Yes Please - The Bills

Yes Please

"deviously clever" - CBC Radio

"perfect enough to make grown men cry and every woman swoon" - INsite Austin

The Bills are known the world over for their exquisite songcraft, superb arrangements and dynamic live performances. The Bills do not disappoint fans on this long-awaited album. Yes Please features some of their finest collaborative songwriting to date, including the bluegrassy "Blackberry Ivy and Broom," the Gypsy-flavored "Gale in My Sail," the sea-faring song "Pandora's in Flames" and of course, their rollicking anti-apocolypse song "Not the End." Showing off their first-class musicianship, the album also features several instrumentals, including the Celtic-inspired "Scotch Bonnet" and Richard Moody's melodic "The Gardenton Waltz."

With twelve original compositions and one lush arrangement of a medley of gypsy-jazz ballads, these tracks draw all the beauty and energy you can imagine out of acoustic instruments and multi-layered vocal harmonies. Influenced in equal parts by Django Reinhardt, Sam Bush, Stan Rogers and Chopin, The Bills have crafted an album that appeals to acoustic music fans of all ages and styles--from bluegrass and gypsy jazz to classical and folk music from around the globe. When asked if they want another helping of The Bills' tasty tunes and lively performances, folks everywhere can't help but say "Yes Please!"

An enhanced CD with additional lyric booklet and other special content, Yes Please also includes a video of "Shining Face," one of the fan favorites on the album.

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Track Listing

   01 - Hallowed Hall - The Bills

   02 - The Plant Song - The Bills

   03 - Shining Face - The Bills

   04 - After Music - The Bills

   05 - Not the End - The Bills

   06 - Little Tribune - The Bills

   07 - Scotch Bonnet - The Bills

   08 - Pandora's in Flames - The Bills

   09 - Love's Medley - The Bills

   10 - Gail in My Sail - The Bills

   11 - Quarter Century Mazurka - The Bills

   12 - Blackberry Ivy and Broom - The Bills

   13 - The Gardenton Waltz - The Bills