RHR275 - New Whirled Order - Claudia Schmidt

New Whirled Order

"I have listened over and over and each time there are new revelations, new beautiful turns of melody and chords...Claudia Schmidt is a beloved musical treasure." - Paul Zollo American Songwriter

"Schmidt ties jazz, Celtic, folk, Americana and storytelling together with her commanding voice" - Minnesota Public Radio - The Daily Circuit

New Whirled Order is the definitive album of Claudia's career. Her first new studio album on Red House in over a decade, she has fashioned a genre of her own, seamlessly blending folk and jazz, much like Nina Simone did in her day. Featuring an ensemble of great players including master guitarist Dean Magraw, New Whirled Order is an adventurous and wonderfully produced album from one of folk music's most profound songwriters and performers.

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Track Listing

   01 - Already - Claudia Schmidt

   02 - Sea of Forgiveness - Claudia Schmidt

   03 - Nothing - Claudia Schmidt

   04 - Dawn Star - Claudia Schmidt

   05 - Coward In the Face of Love - Claudia Schmidt

   06 - Longing - Claudia Schmidt

   07 - The Likes of You - Claudia Schmidt

   08 - My Defenses Are Down - Claudia Schmidt

   09 - Strong Woman Has a Bad Day Polka - Claudia Schmidt

   10 - Out Here - Claudia Schmidt

   11 - Sometime Ago - Claudia Schmidt

   12 - Jane's Gone (for my mom, 1922-2013) - Claudia Schmidt

   13 - Jane's A-Round - Claudia Schmidt