RHR92 - Flesh & Bone - Lucy Kaplansky

Flesh & Bone

"Bold, vibrant...Kaplansky's vocals seem to glide into the heavens" - Boston Globe

Flesh and Bone is an extraordinary, luminous collection of songs with lyrics that read like poetry and music that ranges from lacy folk to bluegrass to country to pop...easily one of the best albums of the year."

Flesh and Bone, shows Lucy truly coming into her own. The songs echo the title in their longing for the grounded and the real. They are full of striking images, insightful takes on relationships, unblinking self-awareness, and an empathy that will give you chills. Flesh and Bone is smart, sensual and confidentan album about knowing what you want and taking control.

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Track Listing

 01 - Scorpion - Lucy Kaplansky

 02 - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding - Lucy Kaplansky

 03 - If You Could See - Lucy Kaplansky

 04 - Don't Renege on Our Love - Lucy Kaplansky

 05 - Still Life - Lucy Kaplansky

 06 - This is Mine - Lucy Kaplansky

 07 - Mary and the Soldier - Lucy Kaplansky

 08 - Love is the Ride - Lucy Kaplansky

 09 - The Thief - Lucy Kaplansky

 10 - Edges - Lucy Kaplansky

 11 - Return of the Grievous Angel, The - Lucy Kaplansky

 12 - Ruby - Lucy Kaplansky